Rebuild: whereabout’s

Just a quick catch up.

We had a letter from EQC the other day and it was a clearly generic mass mailout one you yourself probably received.

We’re sorry we haven’t made such great correspondence with you etc etc…

Well EQC we’re not complaining.  You paid out your obligation and our mortgage has been making a small but added little bit of headway… so you just take your time 🙂

There is always a silver lining.

Back to the update.

We had geo come and RE drill our land to help the folk designing our foundation slab better… beats me as to why the first drilling s ground findings were no good.

The housing company as always is on the ball and our project manager emailed us today – yes! on a Sunday to tell us that he’s waiting for the revised foundation design, and that he’s just about got our pricing back after we up-spec’d some stuff.

Also that he’s away on holiday until the end of the first week in August.  That is great service.  Hate when I email someone and it bounces back a holiday message… great thinking to send a courtesy email out.

So that’s our update.  Just waiting on the foundation design to be polished up and fingers crossed we don’t have to revise the budget after that.

It would be so cool to get it underway this year… I think it’s gonna happen 🙂


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