Deep Dish Bacon Quiche

Great way to end the cold winter week… throw some cranberry sauce on the plate with it and boom – you’ve got a plate of bursting flavor.

Preheat oven to 200’CFry a 800 gram pack of rhindless bacon (with no msg lol) a couple of onions until it looks 3/4 cooked.

While that frys and the oven preheats… check the dog hasn’t licked the bench or at least wipe it down to just eliminate that thought (I forgot) and roll out your pastry…. that you pulled out of the freezer before you left for work this morning, because you can’t roll frozen pastry… ok enough laughing…

spray the 20x20cm ceramic dish with toxic aerosol spray oil because us gen Y working mums, are too lazy/busy/tired to butter it

lay your clean pastry in there…

get a bowl and with a knife crack – oh …. say… 9 eggs or however many you have waiting to be desperately used before expiry… I used 9 – the recipe I blended with another recipe says 6

lay the diced/fryed bacon/onion in the bottom of the pastry lined dish and press lightly, sprinkle with parsley and grind some salt and pepper on too, pour the fork beaten eggs over and let it settle evenly then put in the oven for 45mins.





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