Rebuild: Memoir of memories…

I will add to this as I need to… I really regret not taking parting photos from our very first home so this time I’m going to… I think last time I did it as a protective barrier, but this time I’m going to say good-bye to our home, our beloved home that has kept us safe and warm and been our soft place to fall at the end of a hard day, through earthquakes, through my studies, through mark being away for six months, through a second round of earthquakes, through family deaths, through my learning to tend a garden, plant trees, train and care for dogs! train and build up a salon, do book keeping from home for the first time… for some reason tonight while brushing my teeth It just sank in… and I’m not liking it actually – it feels…. sad…. out of my control… uncertain.  I hope logging the house’s memoirs will help me to feel less sad, because a shiny new home isn’t sounding so exciting now that this has dawned on me…


So yep… a few minutes ago I was brushing my teeth and the memory of the day this cabinet was brought to surprise me was like a flashback! I remember… we’d just brought this house and money was tight as we’d just got our mortgage, it was winter so again… the money was tight with increased living costs that time of year, and Mark and I are strolling hand and hand through Mitre 10 Mega Ferry mead, I see this cabinet and Mark notices me looking at it longingly… he say’s ‘thats nice’ I reply ‘mmm, oh I wish we could afford it’… ‘no it’s ok lets get the cheaper one’  he says: ‘yeah its ok’ and points to the cheaper plain one without mirrors…

Well I come home to him having hung this on the wall one day and I am both angry and tickled pink that he brought it.

Good memory.


When we brought this house it was really odd that you walk through the laundry to the toilet… I really wanted a hand basin in there (and a feature wallpaper but that was too expensive!) when mark had to go training for six months it was hell… I busied myself with gardening, baking and my studies, I’d planted a whole back yard of fruit trees and shrubs… 100 raspberry bushes, several fruit trees…. anyway – I decided that since he wasn’t here I had to make an executive decision to get a basin installed, I shopped around and couldn’t find anything small enough, so I jumped on trademe and five bucks later had a pretty darn good condition sink ready for install.  Bargain right? No. Silly Vee ordered a plumber in while she was out and came home to an $800 bill! what on earth?? I rung them up demanding an answer and they said that’s our normal rate… I was gutted… what a terribly expensive lesson learned… and the wall still had to be painted from where they guy had jig sawed a big hole for access…. so of course the nice feature wall paper didn’t happen but that’s the story of the toilet room basin 😉

Neutral memory.


This is our flash new touch control ceramic top hob… isn’t it lovely – Mark got it for $100 off trade me after his wife had a fit in the kitchen and put a pot through the other one… woops – temper temper Vee, gosh I don’t miss those random fits of frustration… I certainly learned my lesson that day in the kitchen.  Since it was AFTER the eqc claim it wasn’t worth putting a new one in…. isn’t that husband clever? my handi manny.

Funny memory.


We have a couple of these internal decorative windows… everyone tells us to keep them as a keep sake, so far I’ve thought “nah… I wan’t to start fresh” but now… I’m not so sure.

More photos to come when I have more moments…


4 thoughts on “Rebuild: Memoir of memories…

  1. I think you got ripped of on your install of the sink! It’s funny the things that invoke strong memories in us. We walked in to a potential rental once, as soon as I walked in the door I realised I’d been there before but when it was a complete house rather than split into flats and I was around 7 at the time, didn’t end up renting it but the fact I remembered having only been there a handful of times was amazing. I can also tell the kids who gave them most of their toys and for what occassion, I’m not sure that’s normal.

  2. I hear them about the windows, they are beautiful, you could frame them and use them as pics in your new home, or incorporate them into the garden somehow, taking a little bit of the old in with the new.

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