We all have choices

We all have choices, no matter how dire they are – WE can CHOOSE…
Even if the choice is life or death…

Do this or die (Vee’s thought track: well if I do it will life be worth living? Alternative thought track: shit I better do as I’m told)

I have to write this out because at a very young age I grasped the theory that: Hard Yards = Amplified Rewards and it pains me that people can make comments like: “you are lucky, yeah but you didn’t grow up like I did (actually you’d be surprised how I grew up), oh but you have Mark to support you”

What nonsense! I have made some very tough choices in life, from a very very young age – choices I believe God guided me to make but nevertheless I made them, no matter how much they caused grief to my life at the time – I knew the rewards would outweigh the grief.

I like to think of life as a see saw:


Choices that give us INSTANT GRATIFICATION:

  • Put things on HP that aren’t necessity items e.g a very flash vehicle or tv when a smaller model would do the job
  • Use credit cards because we are excited that the bank GAVE us money (key: LOAN… not GAVE) and we really want that new appliance at Briscoes that is now in the corner of the cupboard because we are too lazy to use it and prefer to eat takeaways anyway…
  • Over-indulging in bad food choices or booze (yes I’m guilty here – never claimed to be perfect) and it instantly melts away the stress

The see-saw effect of these impulse choices:

  • You are tied to a 3-5 year contract to pay off this vehicle that you can’t afford insurance for because you didn’t think of that, or it craps out and you have to take out another HP to finance a new vehicle because you haven’t been able to save for one since you’ve been paying so many HP’s
  • You have less and less money each week to the point of desperation, you either go bankrupt, or you make your own and the one’s around you “quality of life” miserable because you have to work/earn extra income to keep a float.
  • Your immune system lowers and you get sick (I’m speaking personally… hopefully I’ve learned my lesson), you kick yourself for wasting money on booze because it’s kindergarten rocket science to feed your body with “good” and those around you saw this before you did, so you now feel publicly stupid.

Choices that give us DELAYED GRATIFICATION:

  • Choosing to continue your study after high school instead of party up large and live on either minimum wage or unemployment benefit
  • Choosing to save your money up and buy things with cash that you have available, instead of using a credit card
  • Helping others in anyway you can, financially, a listening ear, or taking them in and providing a roof over their head rather than focusing on yourself and what you want to spend your money, time, possessions doing.

The see-saw effect of these hard-yard choices

  • You earn so much more and have financial freedom, you have a wider knowledge base than those who decide against furthering their education, you have learned to exercise discipline and persistence which is a skill you can apply throughout all aspects of life to achieve success, and you skipped thrashing your body with drugs and alcohol and hopefully made instead of booze buddies, you have some quality friends for life.
  • You actually feel better and have a calmer demeanor about spending money, buying stuff when it craps out is not stressful as you know you have your rainy day savings to take care of it, and you actually have money aside to help and donate to those who need a bit of help.  You have a better understanding of what-a-dollars-worth and you are able to pass this skill and practice down to your children… so they can also have financial freedom… and focus on the quality of life instead of making ends meet.  Finances are one of the top three reasons people Divorce, commit suicide, and commit criminal offenses.
  • This is a no-brainer, seriously who doesn’t love the feeling you get from bringing someone else joy? and that feeling is just adding to the quality of your life through your inner happiness, and any christian knows that its written solid in scripture that you sow and you reep.  The non christian/biblical term for it is Karma.

These are my principals to decision making in life, I hope that they come across non prejudice, they are written about no-one factual, and all generalized situations and examples.  I hope they are readable in a way that is digestible for you to tweak and use to improve your life quality and decision making in life.

Lots of Love

Vee x

PS – Go ahead and SHARE
You are absolutely welcome and have my permission to share this with loved ones… you don’t even need to give me credit for it – I’ll just take the delayed gratification that it helps someones life to be a little peachier 🙂


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