Rebuild: Budget day draws close

Mark had a meeting with Benchmark homes today and they are all optimistic that the current spec’s chosen will come under budget.  We are a build to budget option.  The two options with AMI/Arrow were: replicate existing, which also would have been fine as we love our house, OR build to budget,

We were advised to build to budget by everyone, professionals, departments, builders, friends, randoms we meet lol seriously everyone.

What this means is we can free up alot of our backyard space where our single garage now sits at the end of our drive.  bigger back yard, no front lawn to mow since the garage will be there – its a win win.

So back to the budget business, as you can imagine it’s only natural with my profession that I would have loved to screw down the figures item by item, but when we initially met with AMI like years ago lol gosh time has flown hasn’t it? they laughed at me… um… I was serious, but no that’s not the way it’s done… plus I’m recovering being a control freak so Mark’s in charge!

He gave me a very vague run down today which I will now share with you.

I wanted the kids full wall length wardrobes to have fully fitted draws, hangers and a desk/study set up, Mark and Ben at Benchmark have come up with something even better! They are going to cove in the study area so that the wardrobe doors don’t cover it… brilliant thinking… way cool.  The point is we (sorry I mean… me… and this is one thing I would throw a hissy about because I’m the clutter clearer so I WANT storage galoor) only want a bed and side table in each bedroom so the wardrobes will need to be fully hard core designed for storage of say 15 more years of accumulated depreciating possessions… gosh kids accumulate stuff.

Mark want’s to upgrade our bench top to some form of stone, but I just think it’s wasted money… he will decide, yes I put my input in, with backup reasoning… no coercion (promise!) but it will be interesting to see what he decides.

Oooh this is cool, the aluminum joinery can be thermal treated, it’s already tinted (so I can strutt round …. in the morning glory) but thermal treated means the aluminum doesn’t drop below the room temperature – long chemistry lesson summed up, NO condensation on the windows.

All the pink batts have been upgraded to a higher rating

I would love our bedroom sound proofed but Marks too posh to make the request…. I thought about telling Ben it would help Marks sleep with his shiftwork… but I don’t think benny boy will buy it.  Nevermind… ok convo boardering on awkward… moving on…

The driveway is polished little rocks, I don’t know the term but it sounds pretty.

The cladding is going to be Rockcote Acrylic Coating with some linea boards as detailing on corners and above/under windows.

The heating is a four way cassette ceiling flush mounted heatpump/aircon, the bedrooms will have aircon down the hall too.

Our color sceme is a whitewash style grey tile laminate flooring, solution dyed nylon carpet but color to still decide with mackenzie and willis, white bathroom fittings, chrome appliances, benchtop color coded with carpet and drapes.  Mark has agreed or agreed to consider putting my fav color as a scheme in the kitchen/bathroom ( bright fluro lime green )

So at this point we were meant to get confirmation from insurance today that it meets budget. I think Mark said it came in just over 300 K so the foundation cost on top and the garage is a skyline to save costs, and the difference we can use for up spec’s.

Wish us luck.  This is such a blessing and a real treat after everything we went through during the quakes and Mark’s new job change, and my study stress.


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