Recipe: French Onion Bread

This is a bread maker recipe we eat it with soup.

You can omit the fresh onion for a packet of cup-o-soup drymix tossed in instead.


1 1/4 cups warm water (really important in colder weather to make it a bit warmer as it needs the right temp to rise for the yeast to multiply)

3 cups of flour

1 onion peeled and grated then pressed against a paper towel to drain excess liquid

2 T of a master foods seasoning, I used mediterranean we use this in bulk. you could make up your own mix of savory spices from scratch.

3 t of bread maker yeast

1 t salt

1 T brown sugar

slice an inch of cheese off a 1kg block & grated (I know… odd measurement…)



Grease pan, pour in water and quickly start machine straight away (some machines decide the warm water is evidence of a previous batch of bread been cooked and demand you let the machine cool down first – dont worry it wont damage the machine… it just helps with rising your bread nice and fluffy)

quickly add flour cup by cup so you don’t end up with preschool paste glue

add the yeast, salt, sugar, spices and let it mix until all flour is now wet.

now add the cheese and drained onion (you do it this way because if you add the cheese and onion while the flour is still mixing in you end up with pieces of cheese and onion coated in dry flour within your baked loaf – yuck!)

close the lid and leave it to do its thing.



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