Grandma’s Kiwi Gravy


Man Grandmas were onto a good thing when they invented gravy.  You get the iron from the meat juice, minerals from the vegetable juice and added color and flavor from… my secret ingredient.  Nothing went to waste in those days, and it’s not surprising that they probably made the gravy for the nutritional benefits too… gravy is typically a winter condiment so no better time to cram some garlic and onions in that immune system.


Vegetable stock (save from veges), pan coated from frying meat, Onion, Garlic, Masa flour, S&P, Milk, Marmite!

Cook your beef in your pan in olive oil and set the meat aside to keep warm.  Place the onion and garlic diced into the pan and brown them… add a little more olive oil if need be.

Use two cups of juice from your boiled vegetables and add it to your frypan bringing it to simmer.

Take three fork fulls (don’t suggest a spoon, you’ve gotta do it grandma’s way.. she used a fork, I use a fork… ok) of masa flour and use a small dish, put alternate mixing in milk and freshly boiled water to make it into a watery paste, you do this so you don’t get lumps in your thickner.  Masa flour is made from corn, it’s not cornflour, its a thicker feeling flour with much more flavor and they use it to make tortillas and cornchips… right back to it…

Once you have a lukewarm milky masa paste get your fork and scoop out a forkfull of marmite, whirlpool this in your pan of stock/onions/garlic until its fully melted, marmite is a yeast spread it is loaded with nutrients, read the back of the label… good stuff!

Right now this is the tricky part, you need to get your fork and start whisking from the center of the pan out, then back to the center and out again, over and over while you slowly pour the masa milky mix at the centre of your pan… stop pouring it as you whisk in bigger circles to the edge of the pan and start pouring again when your back to whisking in the center… its crucial you do this as to not get lumps.

If you do get lumps you can stick blend it (to make sure you keep the onions and garlic in there) and pour it through a sieve.

Another benefit is if you burnt any bits on your pan – its now clean.  Pour the gravy into a serving dish and rinse your pan out with hot water. Dishes are done!


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