Crock pot Meals

Its winter! Out comes the crockpot…

You can cook literally anything in these contraptions! I’m going to organize my crockpot meals into a category of their own so I can come back to them at a later date.  I kindly loaned my two crock pot books that I brought with my fly buys and sadly the person has not graciously returned them.

Right – onto it!

Tonight’s Dinner – Crockpot chinese chicken

Some cheap cuts of chicken on $8 a kg at countdown (bone in) add a pack of noodles… some peas, carrots and fried onions. toss in some garlic, some salt and pepper and go to work for the day!

Sounds too simple? well that’s the point, crock pot meals have to be thrown together before you go to work, and you come home to a smell of it slaving away cooking itself all day…

The only downside is you have to be organized…. you have to pull your meat out the night before, and get up a little earlier to get it going in the morning… but for a instant, cheap, nutritious meal it is worth being organized.

Cleanup is a breeze as you soak it in the sink overnight for a rinse out before you load it the next morning.

So I am going to be looking for some Japanese inspired crockpot recipes… shouldn’t be hard since its vegetables… and what do you get when you add crockpot + vegetables? soup… lovely winter warming, comforting soup.

I have a packed of kings soupmix in the pantry… its got tomorrows dinners name on it… it is worth paying that little bit more than buying the cheaper brand as it has unique ingredients in it.


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