Meal Help! Recipe: Green Soup

I need ideas for quick winter breakfasts, porridge is getting boring… what do YOU have for breakfast?

Tonight’s dinner is about to go into the crock pot, we are starting to feel a bit stodgy with all these two course meals, so tonight we are going for a light meal, and skipping dessert… giving our body a break and time to cleanse before the new week of meals begins… I will have to keep the heavy-ness of meals in mind when planning them.  Once this is in the crock pot I’m going to hit the gym gear (we have our own set up at home) and then sit in the sunshine with our three dogs, and the kids.  We have snow forecast next week so the hour of sunshine is well received each winter morning!

1 head of broccoli chopped up
1 large leek sliced up thin
1 potato peeled and 1x1cm squares
1 clove garlic crushed
3 cups vegetable stock
salt & pepper
olive oil

add just before serving
75ml lite cream/or milk
some chives

2013-05-26 09.24.32

Fry all the vegetables with salt pepper and garlic, and olive oil, until browned and tender.  Do the harder stuff first, like the broccoli stems, potato then leek then broccoli florets.

Transfer it all to your crock pot and put on low with the stock to do it’s thing for the day.
2013-05-26 09.34.13

Use your stick blender to puree it just before serving and add the optional cream/milk and chives if you want.
Throw a loaf of bread in the bread maker on a timer to be hot when you serve dinner, we usually do this but we are wanting a lite and cleanser meal tonight so we’ll skip it this time.  What I do with soup bread is throw a packet of store dry soup mix, like french onion into the bread mix to flavor it.

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